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The World of No Word


In this world, there are many ways to express things,

I know a next door who only smile and waves his hand whenever people pass his front yard.


Never says a word to the world.

His family run all the needs to talk,

While he remain smiling.


You know, darling?

Nobody else wondering,

Whether this person can only speak in absolutely nothing.

Nobody asks.

Cause this neighbourhood has always known his meaning.


I know a painter who lives in quite a small village,

A clean river passes through it.

He paints almost all the time,

Only stop to do his daily needs and to glide his palms onto the one that flowing.


The painter lives alone.

Through his works he only speaking.

Once I was a kid I remembered people chattering,

That for him the colors dancing.


Once in a while I drop by,

Entering an art gallery to which he usually sends his paintings.

By only looking, I think I understand his vulnerable feeling,

Sometimes sad, sometimes exciting.


A conversation, 4.52 am

June 16th, 2017

Anggun Nadia Fatimah