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In The Room of Consultation


Within the room of consultation I seek my refuge to you.

I asked your advice and nod to your prescription.


It was white coloured one,

With a wooden table, and a pair of chair for those who are in the talk.

A well blooming pink flower stands in the corner,

Sends the accent of roses through the air that cover us talking.


In the room of consultation I admit all my hesitations.

The doubtful feeling inside my chest,

Growing colder as time passes,

Make it harder for me to taste the fresh air.


In the room of consultation I tell you my secret.

The greatest one in which my spirit, my hope, and my sorrow so romanticly tangled.

I let out all the grievances of loosing the most wanted dream.

The hard feeling of seeing the people you love, off sailing.


In the room of consultation I look for medicine.

To ease the pain within which I am struggling.

My restless heart aching,

Echoing the sound of it’s moaning.


In the room of consultation I seek you.

Hoping you’ll show me the way to see the sun once again smiling,

That you’ll hand me hand to get a better breathing.


To you I seek refuge.

To you I come anyway while silently crying.

Cause I’m sure,

Talking to you need no words arranging.


Looking for Your Benevolence,

13.31 pm

July 23rd, 2017

Anggun Nadia