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A Girl of a Fiery-tale


Once upon a time,

A less skilled crafter built a wooden boat.


It was designed to provide,

A poor girl in her long journey after the fullmoon of that half year.

They said, her destiny must be fulfilled.

They said, she had been marked since child.


The old town had no crafter, also had no desire to see further.

They asked an apprentice of twelve years old to craft that boat.

Under much pressure, he did.


Fullmoon ended.

The poor little girl who has no family, no companion in life, set sailed.


Under the mighty sky.

Toward unpredictable distance.

They said, “Go! The Lord of the sea, will soon fetch you up!”


Her heart was quietly trembling.

Her hands turned white, and so did her face.

She looked pale, covered by fear.

The only good thought in her mind was knowing that this,

will free her people from suffer dozens years to come.


They said, it’s her destiny.

It was her charity.

And her only purpose to be kept alive.


This little girl stepped into that small wooden boat.

They said the boat made of the finest wood,

Which would be stronger when got touched by water.


This poor little girl had no other option,

but to believe.

To have faith to the people who had never charged her meals.

To the people who lent her a spot in their cattle cage to sleep.

To the people who fed her with a bowl of barren soup once a day, or once in a few days.

“I have to show my gratitude.”

And her departure had been decided.


She trusted her destiny to the wind.

Anywhere, anyhow.

Had not ever thought any why.


Three days and the giant stale bread had now been finished.

She was starving and griefing,

Was trembling and crying,

Frightened, heart wounded, barely able in sleeping.


She escaped dark and daylight.

For three days in a row.


In her fourth daya, she stared at the sky in a hopeless sight.

It was a rage of fire.

A huge storm fire.


She had been told,

That this wooden boat would be stronger in water.

But she doubted,

That it would also be that strong,

To cross that storm.


“It’s allright”, said her to her little trembling heart.

“We’ve been long enough living. It’s just another mile, before we finally escape all the hard feeling.”

“I know we’re trembling now. Just let it be. It supposed to be.”

“After the red rage, there will be plenty of serenity .”

“Last forever”,

“And all this pain will surely left behind”, she whispered.


The air become hotter.

Her dress started to burn out, inch by inch.

She snapped her tounge, and closed both mouth and eyes.

Not saying a word.

Not looking back a bit.

She sailed herself into that burning fire.

To be lost.


The new moon climbed the sky on the following month.

A baby unicorn born in the garden of eden.

The wings was still weak, but finely growing.


The eden people said,

“Look! The poor little girl they sent out to the fire storm has been reborn as a unicorn.”

Some other whispered, “I am sure, she could be a fine woman. Ah… If only she was born a human.”


A wise man of eden joined the murmuring crowd and smile.

“She was the one who has chosen to be this one, been so tired of being a human girl asked to bear an angel’s heart.”

“She said…”, the wise man continued,

“I want to be a unicorn. Angel in another form.”


A Fiery Tale : Lost Ship in The Sky,

20.53 pm

Wed, 9th of Aug 2017.

Anadia Fatimah .