Temporary Disabled

I have a huge inclination to Instagram. So far I think it is the most addicting social media to me, – online marketplace is not social media right, wkwkw. I love pictures, photos, and exploring things. Instagram allows me to do those things everytime I want.

I then learned to minimize my attachment to this platform. At first, I hold my self for hours. Starting from about 5, to 6, to 8, to 10, to 12, to 18, to 24, up until 25 hours straight. It feels like a slippery road. I was dying to open it and break the fasting commitment. The second one I decided to log out, to make sure the notifications won’t come. One day, two days, three days straight.

Then I learned to hold my self for a week. It was so hard if I just logging out, so I tried to uninstall the apps on weekdays and re-install it on weekend, around friday evening or saturday. It lasted for two weeks and I begun to break the chain again. I was weaken and shortened the number of fasting days. I usually open it 4 days in a week: around wed, fri/sat, till sunday night/monday morning. It lasted for about two months.

This time, my instagram detox program entering a new level of challenge. I challenge my self to temporary disable the account until the end of Ramadhan. Starting from Friday, 9th of April 2021. I left a note in my insta story before I get my self disappeared.

In case somebody search my account and find nothing

I left a note, so no one would get anxious for nothing. I did this too years ago, when I was addicted to Facebook. I did it for months without telling. Some people asked that time. So, I made my self clear before leaving. Yet, the person I wish to know didn’t even care to see the writing.

05.01 PM, April 11th, 2021

Me, climbing.

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