“And So It Be…”

And all the rivers flow surely to the mighty sea. Merging all substance in that giant melting pot. Losing their former identities. How could that be…

And the mighty seas surrender themselves to the sky. Be one with the cloud, willingly. No further inquiry. How could that be…

And all the routine performed daily. By the moon, the sun, and the stars – the lights of the galaxies. No excuse and just be. How could that be…

And all the green that grows. Darkened by time and fall to the ground. Ending the cycle warmheartedly. Never complain, and how could that be…

Perhaps, we just need to trust the timing. Set by the creator of everything. From which we shall not running.

What if all those life rhythm. Were perfectly destined to put together all that scattered into one intersection. We people, sometimes perceive as destination.

There are questions in life, we surely know the answer. Yet, all the efforts to provide an understandable explanation failing instantly.

Perhaps, there is a truth in that wise man’s words,

When you can’t explain why …,

then you actually do.


Me, who spent days and nights to explain a simple calculation,

“How could one plus one, become two?”

03.52 pm, April 2, 2021

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