Days We don’t Need a Break

When you love what you’re doing, every step feels like playing. Thus, your mind doesn’t even need to experience a pausing break.

It’s not always easy or feeling good all the time. Yet, everything feels right. Even the craziest one(s). There are days like that. When people allocate special time to go out and play, I was (and now ‘am’ again) spending 7/7 days to learn. When it happens, I feel content. Not all the time. Madness comes sometimes. But, everything feels right so for me, everything’s allright.

Time flows when I feed the mind. I read what I can comprehend. I spend time to create something people can easily understand (although the process is a messy one). That time, people and my self been wondering, “how could I spent the entire week without playing?” There were times, when I didn’t have the answer to respond.

Today, after years passed, I begin to understand. It is not only your body that needs to be fed. Your soul and your mind too. Feeding the mind makes me feel alive. And my mind loves to understand. If it can make sense of something, for my mind it feels like playing. In that condition I think, I am currently trapped in. Again. Alhamdulillah.

08.17 am, 14th of March 2021

Me. Reviving.

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