Story of A Blind Man


This is a blind man story,

He was obviously brave, undoubtedly,

Not knowing the route, not willing to know evenly.


It was him who decided to be blind forever.

To leave all the privilege of having eyes.

He was the one who prayed continously to God to make him stop seeing.


That day, this blind man stepped toward a ghostly forest with an unknown end.


No doubt, no fear.

Never  looked back, not gave it any second thought.


There was a pause before entering the ghostly forest in dark.

About five minutes he stared to nowhere with his blind eyes.

He took a deep breath and decided something in his heart,

Never consulted,  never regreted it.

He stepped forward.

And prepared to die.


That day,

Was the last day I saw him, was the last chance people seeing him.

Then,  all we ever know was just one thing:

He had left all the living being.


October 11th, 2017

Anadia Fatimah


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