To Finally Define


“The beauty you see in me, is a reflection of you.” (Rumi)


I haven’t testified this yet, it’s still a street “theory”, another way to help me understand the world.

It’s derived from people’s everyday experiences. On love and brokenhearted matters.


After yearly confusing thoughts, after taking things a bit harder earlier,  after taking a deep breath in learning, I presume…



The inquiry of finding ourselves sometimes be helped by finding what we love, so does to whom we fall in love. Whatever we see in the things, or in the person we love, are actually a mirror that  reflects whoever we are.


A beautiful heart loves beauty.

An artistic heart loves arts and creativity.

An honest one loves honesty.

And so on, and let it be.


We love  because we (unconciously) find ourselves by “reflecting” through that person, through the character, the wisdom, the artistic part, habits, agreeable thoughts, and  else.

A wanderer loves to find a travel partner. A divine person, seeks for the love that helps him/her to be closer to God. We actually loves the  similar pieces like ours, realize it or not. We mean it or not. We love ourselves.


I remember a quote from a former Islamic scholar, “Actually, when we fall in love, we only fall in love to ourselves.” We love the reflection of our own heart inside the person or the thing we fall in love to.


That is why,

The true purpose of falling in love maybe  not (or not only, depends on the situation) is not to be with the person we love.



The true purpose of falling in love is to help us to define the self. To finally understand the “who am I” question. To restart, the inquiry of “what is my purpose in life“. To find inch by inch, “what actually we seek in life, or what kind of values firms our heart the most.” And, on.


Love could be a noun. Could be an act of bravery. Could be the beauty we seek and  find, and then possibly we lost.

Love could  be a precious jewel, a possession we admire. Yet in the same time, it could also be a journey to (re)define the self. Cause by falling in love, sometimes we are able to see a part of us that was covered, unseen, unrealized, or ignored before. The part that we’re not completely recognized yet.


We learn to find then refine the soul within us.


I don’t know, still haven’t finished the long thought yet (despite I’ve spent years to build the understanding). Might need couple of  years more to do the reflective thinking, or maybe a whole life’s lesson sessions. But, I think  I’ll save this thought for now. Just like Rumi said,  “the beauty you see in me, is a reflection of you.



Just another chaotic thoughts,

9.39 GMT+7

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Anadia Fatimah


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