…The Help We Need…


We all, live in a  certain unique path. None else will go the all parts with us. None. We only meet in several intersections with several persons. Only produce one story together with some other elses. We never know where and when, and why and how, we’ll see each other or experience things together till the day it happens. But I believe, every story has a writer behind.


In my life, sometimes odd things happen. One sunny bright day so full of laughter, suddenly turns into storm and sinks down all the happy faces. Sometimes, the contrary one happens. One gloomy day, out of nowhere, becoming a  bright excellent one for the rest of the day, or, sometimes rest as a good memory forever. I never  know. Yes, true… Sometimes by reading the life pattern, we can “forecast  the weather”, some bussiness fellows oftenly use the word “trend” to explain  this condition. But, life is mysterious after all. Even if we can predict, we only could ‘predict’.


But, long time ago, thousand year before now, an old wise person said  this, “things will be easy for you, if it’s meant to be yours.” Easy, not always means everything will be going that smooth. But easy might be interpreted also, as Dumbledore said to Potter, that you will always get the help you need. Maybe not immediately, but in time, it will be given.


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