A Car Accident


“The wound is the place where light enters you.” (Rumi)

Have you ever been in an accident? How did it feel? Were you wounded? Were you drown in tears of losing certain meaningful things or persons? Was it sad? Did you feel kinds of anger, hatred, guilt, or the other uneasy feeling and negative  thoughts?


I am not referring the term of accident, limited to car, bike, train, or plane crashes. I mean it in it’s full possible interpretations, including bad things in life happens like accident.


There are two kinds of accident in life, I want to remind my self (and you perhaps) by writing this note. The first one, is the accident where we do mistakes ourselves. We do bad, we receive bad things in return. As in car accident, to simplify the story, maybe we drive too fast, recklesly, pay no attention to driving rules, show no respect to other drivers, or something like that. No wonder if accident in certain degree of condition, becoming more imminent and/or inevitable.


The second story mostly similar in what seems to happen. But taking a significant difference in reason to happen. You  drive the car carefully, pay respect to people and driving rules, you have no evil deed to harm others intentionally, you’ve trained well, and on. But still, you fail to escape the car crash : like suddenly get hit in the back then find your body full of bandaged wounds in a white hospital room. Sad, regret, wonder,  need explanation, annoyed, and deeply hurt. It’s not your fault, yes. But it’s you, who now laying weakly in the hospital, losing your precious moments outside, having the broken car, many things left unhandled, and other kinds of lost. Even you deeply understand it’s not your fault, still it hurts.


Both result as an accident. Different in cause. Similar in taking times to heal.


If we are lead actors of the first story, maybe we need to look back. To visit our misdeeds, and greet the moment to mend it.



But if we are the lead actors of the second one, we have to remind each other, that He who put us in that terrible situation must have a reason. A reason we might not yet understand. A whatever reason that charges us pain and lost. A reason we couldn’t find in years, yet enables to learn lots of impactful lessons.

After all crashes in life, we changed. Into what, that is the question. Will we learn and become a better one? Or will we refuse to see the good sides and remain as broken as the broken car?


Anggun Nadia

Dec 24th, 2016. 21:44 (UTC +7)


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