God Never Sleeps




Suatu hari aku tidak mengenalimu / Suatu hari aku tidak mengerti pembicaraanmu / Suatu hari aku tidak mempedulikanmu / Tapi hari ini jalan cerita kita beda / Ini, suatu hari yang baru.


One day, I met this young professor. He told us things and how things becoming today’s things. And suddenly he recite that “one day…” word in some related sentences. Then I made it into that to memorize the content. He talked many things to us in a very short conversation. He concluded, “do your best. I’ll watch your progress.”




That day I remembered.

Maybe it’s not only him who wanted to talk the message. Maybe, it’s also God who wants to deliver a ‘message’ to me. “Do your best, anggun. God never sleeps. Maybe this time you see nothing. But God really never stop working.”


Even after you face so many unfair condition.

Even after you give your best and people give back their reckless work and tell bad stories of you.

Even after you cry a lot and people still don’t understand.

Even after you really push yourself that hard, and people still accuse you wrong because you remain silent in a loudy room.

Even after you’re drained in your own blood of fighting too much, and people charmingly laughing upon your wounds and sweats.

Above all those terrible things,

Above all those unfair conditions,

He wants you to remember, that He really never sleeps, and never stops working His miraculous things.


Recalling a quite long day, my old friend Atin Baraktin wrote, “Allah ora sare (God never sleeps).”



Let’s embrace the moonlight, and stop barking to the dark.

September the 2nd, 2016

14.45 (+7 GMT)



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